07 mai 2009





Bruxelles - photos: a x

Voici ce que dit Kriebel de son travail:

"If you know a little Dutch you probably know what 'kriebelen' means and that's exactly what I want to do : Trying to create just a little smile with my creative idea's... My work has to be funny, beautiful, making people thinking or a combination of these... I started about 2 years ago... I make stickers, paste ups, posters, linocuts, stencils, drawings, paintings, freehand, t-shirts, digital art,... - basically I use all techniques to make my ideas real... (I'm also producing music, video's,...)"

website: http://www.kriebel.tk

her work on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kriebel/sets/72157604708175548